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Free Software For Doctors

No more Installation cost/ AMC / Monthly subscription / Annual charges!

Healcon's iClinic software for doctors is totally free. There are no charges for using the software unlike other practice management softwares in the market. Just to give you glimpse of some features that come your way for free :
  • 1.  Add any no. of permanent/visiting doctor logins.

  • Initial installation cost ? Monthly/Annual Charges?

    No one time charge & no recurring charges required to be paid anymore. Software is totally free to use and we dont charge any fixed monthly/annual charges from our doctors.

    Is Everthing Free ?

    Yes eveything is free unless you want to send SMS to patients. For that simply purchase SMS credits if you want to send SMS alerts to patients and doctors.Your iclinic software account always remains available for active usage no matter you pay for SMS or not.

    This must be lite version and advanced version of this would cost more ?

    No this is not lite version which you get for free, infact this is indeed complete iclinic suite which you will get for free, fully loaded with all advanced features.

    How do you plan to make money from this ?

    Rather than charging doctors for using software we believe in showing relevant ads inside software to doctors which connects entities in healthcare industry who might intend to reach doctors in real-time.Trust us we dont mess up user experience and will only show relevant ads which might interest doctors and are informational in nature. So now you know how we afford cost of software even if we dont charge doctors.

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