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Healcon.com : Connected Healthcare Software
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Clinic Analytics

RealTime Analytics

iClinic provides realtime analytics dashboards to undertand practice like never before and get new insights into the clinic.

Appointment Wise

Doctors can compare current week,month,year appointment count with last week,month,year and help also analyze new patients versus returing patients statistics.

Treatment Wise

You can analyze percentage-wise distribution of treatments you are performing to your patients through treatment-wise reports.

Locality Wise

You can track patient foot-fall by localities in your neighbourhood which would give you an idea which localities are attracting most patients and also the ones where you need focus on marketing.

Earning Wise

Earning wise MIS provides day-wise/month-wise,year-wise reports about earnings and also shows increase/decrease in revenue compared to last day.

Drug Prescription Wise

You can analyze what drugs you are prescribing to your patients and compare trends with last week, month,year .

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